No Animal Testing

NeoStrata Company, Inc. does not use animal derived ingredients that originate from tissues of animals in its NeoStrata and Exuviance brands. Plant derived materials have been substituted for any animal-tissue derived materials that may have been used previously. NeoStrata Company uses non-animal tissue derived ingredients, which could include ingredients produced by animals, for example, beeswax (produced by bees), lanolin (found in the wool of sheep), and lactobionic acid (oxidized milk sugar/lactose).

In addition, NeoStrata Company, Inc. does not conduct animal testing on its marketed skin care products including the NeoStrata® and Exuviance® brands. All routine product safety and claim support testing is carried out on human volunteers or using in vitro models.

NeoStrata Company, Inc. endeavors to use raw materials that have not been tested by animals. However, NeoStrata Company cannot guarantee that all of its raw material suppliers do not conduct any animal testing.

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