Exuviance® AGE REVERSE Launch Promises Undeniable Results on Aging Skin

Princeton, NJ — July 27 — NeoStrata Company, Inc. announced the launch of Exuviance® AGE REVERSE, a multi-modality line of skin care with OptiSpectra, a combination of state-of-the-art technologies to address all of the visible signs of skin aging.

NeoStrata co-founders, Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu, world renowned leaders in dermatology and dermato-pharmacology, and inventors of the glycolic peel, introduced this innovative product line as a modern breakthrough for the company, and the beauty industry. "It's very exciting to announce the launch of these products featuring OptiSpectra -- a synergistic combination of our clinically proven, patented technologies of Polyhydroxy Acids and NeoGlucosamine™, with other highly effective ingredients such as retinol, peptides and potent antioxidants -- to target different mechanisms of skin aging. Exuviance® AGE REVERSE is a comprehensive regimen of multi-tasking products specifically designed to meet the skin care needs of the 40+ age population with noticeable signs of aging," says Dr. Ronni Weinkauf, VP of Research & Development.

Exuviance® AGE REVERSE utilizes well established, clinically proven ingredients to provide comprehensive anti-aging benefits across all skin layers by targeting multiple mechanisms of the aging process. The regimen is divided into four core products: BioActiv Wash, Day Repair SPF 30, Night Lift, and Eye Contour each created to maximize the performance of ingredients in formulations and packaging that maintain the integrity of the ingredient profiles. The result is multi-tasking formulations that work together to deliver maximum efficacy, and the data from the clinical studies demonstrate visible results. "Participants in our 12 and 16 week clinical use studies confirmed significant, visible benefits in as little as four weeks for all major signs of aging including the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, rough texture and enlarged pore size. 96% of participants agreed their skin looked and felt younger within four weeks and 100% noticed improvements in appearance," reported Barbara Green, VP of Clinical Affairs.

Educated, savvy consumers expect complementary products that work together to target wrinkles, texture, elasticity, and pigmentation. This comprehensive regimen addresses those concerns by combining a bevy of multi-functional ingredients to trigger collagen and matrix building in skin's deeper layers, surface active compounds to enhance cell turnover and disperse pigment clusters, along with broad spectrum antioxidants that limit oxidative damage, neutralize free radicals and protect cellular membranes while also preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin. The result? Undeniably younger looking skin that is visibly evident. Exuviance® AGE REVERSE, seeing is believing.

For press inquiries please email pr@neostrata.com.

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