Innovative Psoriasis Treatment Psorent™ Announces Submission for Publication in a Clinical Cost-Saving Study with Significant Results

Princeton, NJ — June 24, 2009 — "Congratulations President Obama on yesterday's agreement with large pharmaceutical companies to cut prescription costs for the elderly," says Mark Steele, president of NeoStrata Company, Inc, "we thought you should know that you have a little company in New Jersey that's done the same!"

Mr. Steele is speaking about NeoStrata Company, Inc., and the submission of their findings from a recent clinical study announcing the significant cost-savings associated with their non-prescription, psoriasis medicine Psorent™ psoriasis topical solution.

Earlier today, NeoStrata Company, Inc. submitted results from a clinical study that demonstrates how psoriasis patients can save hundreds of dollars a year with their novel, non-prescription psoriasis therapy that has outperformed the leading non-steroidal prescription medicine in treating the redness, scaling, irritation and other symptoms of psoriasis. 

"In these tough economic times we are thrilled to be able offer a psoriasis medicine that does not require a prescription, is significantly less expensive than a prescription, and performs as well or better than a leading prescription medication," says Mr. Steele.

"This is not a story you hear very often, and as a small company we don't want to be perceived as throwing stones at our much larger brethren," he explains, "we are just excited and proud."

NeoStrata Company, Inc. has spent the last few years developing Psorent™ psoriasis topical solution and conducting clinical testing and after just receiving the cost savings analyses agrees the timing of this announcement couldn't be better in tune with what's happening in the economy.

"As a small company, our investment has always been in our people and our product, and we have the best of each," Steele exclaims. "We have created an affordable and preferable treatment for psoriasis that can save hundreds and thousands of dollars in health care costs, and we want you to know that we are with you, Mr. President."

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