NeoStrata offers online and in-person trainings to ensure our physician partners and their staff are fully versed in the NeoStrata product assortment and technologies. Our ongoing and advanced educational offerings help physician partners master treatment techniques and business building strategies. A typical NeoStrata training session may include:

  • The treatment of aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sensitive skin
  • NeoStrata professional skin care products, daily regimens and the treatments that will best address the conditions and needs of patients
  • Hands-on practice
  • Best practices for successful business building, retail displays and increasing sales

NeoStrata Chemical Peel Certification
Develop a deep understanding of NeoStrata ProSystem peels, including the details of each unique acid to help patients achieve better, faster results. The NeoStrata Chemical Peel Certification training allows attendees to:

  • Build hands-on experience in a safe environment
  • Learn NeoStrata segments for optimal treatment selection
  • Examine each of the unique attributes of NeoStrata professional treatments
  • Learn to address patient objections, fears, and misconceptions
  • Learn to use chemical peels to build a profitable business
  • Take current office treatments to the next level by combining exfoliation methods
  • Target multiple conditions simultaneously for rapid results
  • Increase profitability with treatment add-ons

For more information regarding NeoStrata training and education opportunities, please contact your local NeoStrata Representative or our Customer Service team:

For domestic inquiries please email

For international inquiries please email