NeoStrata Testimonials

"Strong clinical studies to reference and share with patients when discussing the NeoStrata Skin Active line set NeoStrata ahead of its competitors. Many companies have catchy marketing phrases but little hard science to recommend them. When people ask me "But does it really work?" I pull out the study and show them the science behind the claims. I tell them that many companies sell cosmeceuticals but NeoStrata uses science to develop products that target specific aging problems such as loss of collagen or elasticity or protection from oxidation."

Dr. Catherine Hren
Cary Dermatology, Cary, NC

"NeoStrata has been a staple in my dermatology practice for 15+ years, providing our patients with scientifically proven products at an affordable price. I am confident with my staff recommending these products to our patients for both medical and cosmetic dermatological concerns. The comprehensive anti-aging line, SKIN ACTIVE, is loved by a majority of our patients for its simple, yet effective core regimen. NeoStrata will continue to be our leading product line due to the profound scientific backing and technology within the products."

Dr. Steven Mackey
Steven Mackey, MD Dermatology, Montgomery, AL

"I can recommend NeoStrata products with confidence knowing that my patients are receiving the most scientifically advanced, clinically effective, and comprehensive formulations for all their skin care needs. NeoStrata's extensive library of clinical and scientifically published research gives me confidence that I am truly providing my patients with the best products available. My patients confirm my belief that NeoStrata products provide the best results with their repeat purchases and testimonials of NeoStrata products. They are non-irritating, elegant, and clinically effective formulations that keep patients coming back for more!"

Dr. M. Elizabeth Briden
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute, PA, Edina, MN

"I first was introduced to NeoStrata as a resident in 1999 with the Glycolic peel. I was impressed with the results back then and continue to see impressive results. I feel confident in recommending products backed by sound science with high quality ingredients. When I look at products that I want to offer to patients the first thing I look at is whether I think it works, feels and looks cosmetically elegant and whether I would pay retail price for it. NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE meets all of these requirements."

Dr. Monica Bedi
Dermatology Associates, Sarasota, FL

"My favorite product is the Skin Active Exfoliating Wash. I especially like to recommend it for men prior to shaving. It prepares the skin in both men and women by exfoliating the skin's surface layer prior to use of additional retinoic acid products, giving the skin a refreshed, glowing appearance."

Dr. Timothy C. Flynn
Cary Skin Center, Cary, NC

"The NeoStrata ProSystem Clarifying Peel with Mandelic Acid is a good option for skin of color to rejuvenate and target both acne prone and pigmentation prone skin."

Dr. Cook-Bolden

"Use of this multi-ingredient, brightening skincare regimen has been clinically proven to significantly brighten skin tone with reduction in spots and uneven pigmentation, without hydroquinone. It can be used at home as part of a pigment evening skincare program, or used in combination with topical peels."

Dr. Heidi Waldorf
From 2016 AMWC talk on Enlighten

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