Mature Skin? More Moisture!

Mature Skin? More Moisture!

As we age (or rather, as everyone else ages and we stay 29 forever), our skin requires more moisture. Repeated sun exposure damages our skin's barrier, causing the skin to lose its ability to retain moisture. Additionally, the epidermis (top layer of skin) begins to thin, making skin appear more transparent and the surface layers accumulate causing a flaky appearance.

While maturity contributes to skin's lack of hydration, external factors can exacerbate the issue, especially during winter. Low temperatures combined with low humidity cause dry air which deplete the skin's natural moisture level so it's vital to choose products dedicated to keeping skin healthy and hydrated.

Harsh soaps can dry skin, stripping it of its natural oils. A soap-free cleanser will remove impurities without over-drying in the process. Tip: Avoid using very hot/very cold water while cleansing and be sure to pat your skin dry, never rub.

Applying a moisturizer immediately following cleansing will help replenish and seal in that much needed moisture. Incorporating a hydrating serum to your routine is another way to increase skin's moisture content because serums are easily absorbed.

If your skin is experiencing dryness, opt for an emollient cream for both day and night use. For day, try Multi-Protective Day Cream SPF 20 to hydrate and protect skin from UV rays, while replenishing it with beneficial antioxidants. At night, your skin is busy repairing and regenerating itself while expelling impurities, so it's vital to use a product with a high concentration of ingredients to moisturize the skin overnight. Age Reverse HydraFirm targets all visible signs of aging with a triple firming complex of patented Bionic, NeoGlucosamine® and Matrixyl® Peptides that boost collagen, helping plump skin so it appears lifted and firmer. Shop Dry Skin.