Hyperpigmentation and African American Skin

Can you recommend a product to fade dark spots that will work on African-American skin?

Although those with African American skin have increased protection against UV-induced sunburns and skin changes caused by photodamage, they are at a higher risk than lighter skinned individuals to experience hyperpigmentation. But don't worry! There are ways to help even your skin tone. Try Exuviance Intense Lightening Complex. It combines a Polyhydroxy/Bionic Acid blend with the skin lightening agent Hydroquinone (2%) and skin brightener Kojic Acid to lighten and brighten discolorations of the skin. The Hydroxy Acids provide antioxidant benefits and light exfoliation, encouraging cell turnover to help even skin tone. Exuviance Intense Lightening Complex helps to fade dark spots caused by acne and other pigmentation concerns while balancing out your skin tone.

If you find you need an added boost to Exuviance Intense Lightening Complex, add a supplement to your routine, such as Exuviance OptiLight Essential 6 Serum. This powerful serum minimizes the appearance of problem dark spots with a unique formula concentrated with eleven potent brighteners to target 6 pigment control systems. These brighteners help break up and reduce the visible intensity of existing darker pigmented areas, and discourage new spots from forming. The customized formula lightly and gently exfoliates to fade the look of existing dark pigment spots, and also helps reduce the activity of the enzyme that triggers the development of new spots. Adding this serum to your skincare regimen is another way to help battle dark areas on the skin.

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