Post-Summer Skin Rescue

Post-Summer Skin Rescue

The weather is getting cooler and you've lost your summer glow. The dramatic change from hot to cold weather can ultimately leave your skin looking dull, dry and lifeless. Prolonged UV exposure during the warmer months can break down the building blocks of the skin and can eventually cause fine lines and wrinkles. Dry, dehydrated summer skin also makes those fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. If long summer days spent in the sun are beginning to catch up with you, we can help.

Exfoliate: Daily exfoliation helps get rid of dead, dull skin, allowing healthier cells to surface. Daily Antioxidant Peel CA10 is a leave-on daily peel formulated to exfoliate and deliver potent antioxidant protection for everyday defense against aging. Citric Acid exfoliates the skin to help reduce dullness from over exposure, while the antioxidant power helps neutralize free radicals and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. As a bonus, Citric Acid also has corrective anti-aging effects, helping to reverse signs of photodamage. Shop Peels.

Hydrate: Moisturized skin looks more youthful and radiant. To reclaim your glow, try Essential Daily Defense Creme SPF 20. This moisturizer combines Polyhydroxy Acids, Vitamin E, multi-antioxidants, and botanicals to help enhance skin renewal. Broad spectrum sunscreen helps protect skin from further damage.

Target Aging: At night we suggest using Evening Restorative Complex, which contains Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acid. Together these ingredients provide antioxidant benefits, diminish the look of lines and wrinkles, and improve rough texture. For an added boost, mix in a few shakes of Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster to amplify its skin-protecting and pigment-evening effects. Together, they help fade the look of sun spots, and strengthen skin's defenses against future discoloration.

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