SPF in Winter? Yes!

We all realize how important it is to apply sunscreen at the beach, but did you know you should protect your skin against sun damage in the winter? Sun exposure doesn't just happen in the summer by the pool, it happens every day. Your skin can still experience the effects from UVA and UVB rays in the winter, even if you are not directly in the sun. The sun's ultraviolet rays pass right through the clouds and can even penetrate glass, making you susceptible to damage during daily activities like riding in your car. The reflection of the sun's rays off snow and other bright surfaces can also contribute to skin damage so we all should take precautions to protect our skin every day.

Applying a daily sunscreen is extremely important to help prevent skin aging as well as skin cancer. Since sun exposure is cumulative, all those quick shopping trips, commutes to work, even those fun hours outside with the kids can add up to significant, if unseen sun damage. Trust us, you might not see the damage, but it's there! Sunscreen works by absorbing or reflecting some of the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation to protect against sunburn, while combating cumulative sun damage. It's important to use a sunscreen fortified with antioxidants to help protect against UV-induced free radicals, which can contribute to visible signs of aging.

There are many telltale signs of sun damage; fine lines, wrinkles, spots, even skin cancer. Applying a daily sunscreen with antioxidants to your existing beauty routine can make a world of difference for your skin. We recommend Exuviance Age Reverse Day Repair SPF 30 with UV filters and a triple antioxidant complex of Pomegranate, Vitamins A and E to fend off free radicals and shield skin from daily environmental aggressors. Added Retinol and NeoGlucosamine® lightly exfoliate, increase cell renewal, diminish the look of uneven pigment. The result? Well protected, healthy looking skin.

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